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The Painter's FLOW

Welcome to the Painter's FLOW, an 8-Week Online Painting Workshop with Live Video Coaching and Mentoring, Taught by Whitney M. Hall

Introducing my online oil painting workshop! In this 8-week program, we'll cover both the technical and mental aspects of art and go through my 4-step method to simplify your art practice so that you spend more time in your studio enjoying the process and creating more of the work you love.

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This program is scheduled to begin in Summer 2021! I will be sending out more information over the coming weeks and will let you know when enrollment opens so you don't miss your chance to grab a spot.

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It Starts with a Spark


Plan Your Journey


Navigate the Process


Know When You've Arrived


Welcome to the Painter's Flow.

Flow State is that ultimate goal when we enter our studio, that place where time and self-criticism goes away and creativity just...flows. But in order to get there, we have to build up tool and skills.

In this 8-week interactive program, we'll cover the 4-step method that is the heart of my own painting practice. By breaking the process down into four distinct stages, we always know where we are in the process and know what needs to be completed. This keeps us from getting lost, second-guessing, or ending up in that dreaded stage of "I don't know what to do next!"

We'll also complement this framework with technical lessons such as color mixing and brushwork, tips on drawing for painting (different from drawing for the sake of drawing!), and mindset tips for building up your creative spring, finding more time to paint, and overcoming creative blocks.

This 8-week program will combine pre-recorded videos, live video group calls, worksheets and assignments, and a private online community for sharing, networking, and feedback.

This is a course for all levels of oil painters, from beginning to advanced. Whether you are brand-new to painting and want to start with a strong foundation, or whether you've been painting for years but want to get over a personal plateau, I can't wait to teach you what I've learned about the painting process and help you walk into your studio each day thrilled to begin!

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The program opens in Late Spring 2021 and space is limited, so sign up below and don't miss you chance when enrollment opens!

Your information is private and won't be sold to any third parties.